Yoga develops suppleness, strength, stamina and concentration.  Classes are designed to ensure that all levels work safely by providing a mixture of physical exercise combined with breathing exercises and relaxation techniques.

Yoga is an ancient system that has its history and roots in India.  It was developed to strengthen the body towards meditation and to provide a longer, healthy and more holistic lifestyle. Regular practise brings about a calmer, more balanced mental state thus reducing the stress factors in our busy lives.

This Hatha-based tradition works with physical exercises (postures or asanas), mental practises (concentration, relaxation and in some classes, meditation) and breathing exercises (pranayama) – it is also known as integrated Hatha Yoga.

Each class promotes a strong foundation for future health, moving into a journey of discovery with Yoga.

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Denise came to Yoga in the 1980s.  She began teaching for the education authority adult education, which developed into ‘Lifelong Learning’ in Cambridge.

She has worked with Sivananda, Iyengar, Ashtanga and Jivamukti teachers over many years whilst maintaining and developing her own Hatha style of traditional yoga teaching.  She is trained by The British Wheel of Yoga and has a Pranayama module certificate and a Childrens Yoga qualification.  She is also a REPs (Register of Exercise Professionals) member.

Her background in education includes a degree specialising in Human Biology and health, a Counselling certificate as well as being an NLP practitioner and Master Practitioner Hynotherapist.

Denise visited the home of Yoga in December 2010 when she travelled to India to learn about the people and their culture.  It was a time to reflect on her teaching and her link to this vast continent.  She would like to return very soon, as she found the Indian people to be so kind and friendly, observing that it is no wonder they have shared such a valuable part of their world in Yogic tradition.

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